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Senator Robert Byrd Family objects to Funeral photo in Gop Ad-Your Funeral Guy

6 Sep
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The senator Robert Byrd Family has objected to a Funeral Photo used in a GOP Ad for the deceased Senator Robert Byrd’s Senate seat.

One thing that Barack Obama has done in the last several years has gotten political capital for being griever in chief. Obama has spoken at many Funerals, from coal miners, to terrorist (Fort Hood)victims,to Senator Kennedy to Senator Robert Byrd.

One of Obama’s political opponents have capitalized on the President’s role of griever in chief.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The family of the late Robert C. Byrd blasted the GOP nominee for his U.S. Senate seat Sunday after he used an image from Byrd’s memorial service in a TV ad attacking the Democratic nominee.

The ad by Republican John Raese‘s campaign seeks to link President Barack Obama to Gov. Joe Manchin by displaying an image of the two Democrats at the state Capitol ceremony marking Byrd’s June 28 death.


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