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5 Sep
Alkaline Hydrolysis a new final disposition process that is good for the Earth. Image by szszszelest via Flickr

Washington State Regulators are looking to regulate Alkaline Hydrolysis Disposition, Resomation,   or bio cremation. State Regulators need  not consider much regulation for this process. Many states that regulate cremation to licensed funeral directors, and regulate and  license crematories need not go beyond the basic regulation. In fact the less regulation the more this process will benefit the consumer and the earth. It will also serve as economic stimulus.

Now it may not be wise to flush the effluent down the drain without some guidelines. Those guidelines should be put in place out of respect for the families of  as the primary motivation. The process of converting the effluent to fertilizer, with some fertilizing guidelines needs to be legislated to prevent misuse. A one page regulation of the new alkaline hydrolysis process by the states or the federal government is all that is needed.

Regulation  designed for specific alkaline hydrolysis machines will limit the innovation of this  green cremation process and  limit it as a legitimate burial process.

Snippet from Washington State Funeral Directors Association (WSFDA-E-Newsletter)

Alkaline hydrolysis (resomation, bio-cremation)
is a new technology offering an alternative to
cremation. It reduces human remains to bone
ash using water and potassium hydroxide unlike
cremation which uses direct flame

Though this technology has been
used in the medical and veterinary professions
for some time, it is relatively new to the funeral
The board recognizes the need to regulate this
technology and asked staff to consult with other
government agencies that may have an interest
in it from a regulatory perspective. Legislative
changes are necessary before this practice is
available in Washington State.

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2 Responses to “Washington State Considering Resomation Regulation-Your Funeral Guy”

  1. cycledlife September 7, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    “It reduces human remains to bone ash using water and potassium hydroxide unlike cremation which uses direct flame (incineration).”

    This description of alkaline hydrolysis is incorrect. Alkaline hydrolysis transforms the body into pure-white calcium phosphate (the bones) and pathogen-free soft remains (the rest of the body). 100% of the body is available for a sterile burial. Alkaline hydrolysis is vastly different from a cremation, including the fact that 100% of the body, not 4% as with a cremation, is available after the process. See http://www.CycledLife.com for more details.

  2. yourfuneralguy September 7, 2010 at 12:19 pm #

    Thanks for clarifying what happens during alkaline hydrolysis. There is much misinformation on this subject.

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