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5 Sep
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To do a lower cost funeral in today’s economy is not an  act of disrespect. In fact given the current economic enviroment it may be the most respectful way to handle a funeral.

A good way to lower your funeral cost is to shop around for a lower cost funeral home.

  • A lower cost funeral home will not push their funeral packages.
  • A lower cost funeral home will not pressure you into more expensive Funeral Goods and Services such as a expensive casket or extra services like funeral web casting or memorial dvd’s.
  • A lower cost funeral home will not object or discourage third party caskets or getting a casket online.
  • A lower cost funeral home will present alternative funerals such a s direct cremation, direct burial, and a memorial service without the body present.

Let’s face it money is tight for many these days and although it’s unbelievably heartbreaking sad when someone passes away cheap funeral arrangements are not a disrespect if the money is simply is not there or you have debts that need your attention. Getting in debt even more toppled with bereavement could push many of us over the edge!

I think it’s important to budget, be realistic and sensible in all aspects of finance and the last thing your dead loved one would want is for you to go into debt or financial worry at the expense of their burial. The funeral business has been pretty much untouched for many many years now as it’s a sensitive subject but people are waking up and not just going to the funeral home and footing their package bills. Shop savvy mourners are making a stand and you can too.

via frugalzeitgeist.com

Take your stand and do a lower cost Funeral.

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