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2 Sep
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Recent Reports have come in on some overly priced corpse movement fees.  Sometimes when someone dies suddenly the family is forced to find a funeral home(mortuary) within several hours.

If  a bad choice is made it can be quite expensive to move the body of your loved one to another funeral home. Body transport fees can contribute significantly to Funeral Cost.

This does  will no help  ou come in under  the average cost of a funeral.

Mortuaries now try to lock families into using them by adding an exorbitant corpse movement fee (it used to be about $400 a few months ago, now it is frequently over $1000).  Bodies are often taken to mortuaries in a rush because the need to immediately refrigerate them leaves people with 2-3 hours to find a place for them.  If a family discovers their mortuary is grossly overpriced and wants to move the body elsewhere, it may be too late because the unreasonable thousand plus dollar moving fee removes potential savings (trapping the family at that overpriced mortuary). Newly bereaved individuals or families often are short of time and energy and do not take the proper precautions of shopping around for a fairly priced casket, cemetery, and mortuary instead taking the path of least resistance (the predatory sales packages that many heavily marketed mortuaries “generously” offer their customers).


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