12,000 years ago the after The Funeral Meal-Your Funeral Guy.

31 Aug
The spread of Natufian culture.
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Going out to eat or a  meal at the family meal may have occurred as early as 12,000 years ago. Funerals play an important role in the  Cultural History of mankind. They are important to the life of every human who ever lived.

One has to wonder what was discussed a the Funeral Meal 12,000 years ago.

Now a University of Connecticut (UConn) anthropologist says there is new evidence that nearly 12,000 years ago, feasts were used to celebrate burial of the dead, bringing about the world’s first established communities.

UConn Associate Professor of Anthropology Natalie Munro and a team of scientists found clear evidence of feasting at the ancient Hilazon Tachtit Cave burial site near Karmiel, Israel. Unusually high densities of butchered tortoise and wild cattle led them to conclude that the Natufian community members who lived in the area at the time gathered at the site for “special rituals to commemorate the burial of the dead, and that feasts were central elements.”

via scienceblog.com

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