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26 Aug
crystal structure of KOH
At the heart of green cremation is a chemical reaction Image via Wikipedia

Newsweek’s Comments on green cremation, bio cremation, resomation, or  cycled burial, are uninformed, not helpful and kindly stated,  far from the factual reality(expletives deleted). Here are the comments.

Another burial option piquing consumers’ interest is resomation (also known as “bio-cremation”), which emits no carbon. In the United States, only a handful of states have approved resomation, and California is the latest to consider legalizing it. Resomation involves placing human remains, water and potassium hydroxide into a stainless steel tank and heating it for several hours until the remains melt. While some of the residue can be placed in an urn, the rest is recycled through the sewage system, giving the practice the nickname, “toilet burial.” Joe Sehee, executive director of the Green Burial Council, questions whether it is environmentally friendly to flush what may be more than 100 pounds of human residue through the sewage system.


Resomation, green cremation, water cremation, bio cremation, is not the remains melting,(as in the wicked which of the west) but accelerated decomposition (as in a chemical reaction).

The rest is recycled through the sewage system giving the nick name ‘toilet burial”.  THE REPORTER IS UNINFORMED.  The recycled remains do not have to go into the sewage system.

Alkaline hydrolysis as a means of disposition contains  much more dignity than the Newsweek  report.

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One Response to “Newsweek’s comments on Green, Bio Cremation -YourFuneralGuy”

  1. cycledlife August 31, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    Green burials are not ecological. The putrefaction process and use of land for this specific purpose make “green burial” less than ideal for one’s survivors. Throughout history, disease causing microorganisms: bacterium and virus, in bodies have led to pandemics, which have killed more people than all the people who have ever lost their lives in battle. The buried body liquefies in the ground, including about 5 pounds of untreated fecal matter per deceased. This final disposition method is more worthy of being called a “toilet burial”, as feces mixes with the deceased’s decomposing flesh.

    CycledBurial™ solves problems with green burials. A CycledBurial is a hygienic burial. It allows for a burial of 100% of one’s remains without the necessity of incurring the cost of a coffin, vault, or cemetery plot. Our systems create a pathogen-free burial. CycledBurial reduces the footprint of the gravesite. Those who choose embalming could still have a green burial, without the cost of a grenn burial plot, as a CycledBurial would render the formaldehyde harmless. A CycledBurial would eliminate any concerns about public health risks. Since, CycledBurial kills 100% of all bacteria, viruses and prions leading to 100% pathogen-free remains.

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