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25 Aug
Photojojo in the Wall Street Journal!
Image by @superamit via Flickr

More has been revealed on the situation of the Lawsuit of the monks in Louisiana and the Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers in Louisiania . There is a casket cop.

Could Funeral directors have been hit so hard by the Recession that they would hire a casket cop to investigate monks? The answer is yes according to the Wall Street Journal. It has happened in Louisiania.


‘Meanwhile, the state funeral board enlisted an investigator, who acts as Louisiana’s casket cop, to catch the brothers in the act. Sworn statements were taken from funeral homes that acknowledged receiving the abbey’s caskets. Pictures of the coffins were snapped before any evidence could be buried.

Board investigator Jude Daigle wrote in a report that in October 2008, he observed a monk-made casket being delivered at a funeral home in Lutcher, La. He spotted the abbey’s truck, according to the report, and saw Mr. Coudrain, the deacon, hop out. “I helped him unload the casket,” Mr. Daigle wrote. “He introduced himself and so did I. He then realized he’d been caught by the state board.”

Mr. Coudrain confirms the account; Mr. Daigle declined to comment.

This past March, the Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors subpoenaed two abbey officials to a hearing. If found guilty of illegal casket sales, each official would face fines of between $500 and $2,500 per violation, the board warned. The hearing, scheduled for mid-August, was cancelled due to a tropical storm.

By then, the monks had already prepared their own federal lawsuit, citing Louisiana’s “casket cartel.”


This is an incredible case of the funeral industry gone vampire over their casket sales. I have seen Batesville sales reps go ape over their competitor caskets. .But a cop to protect funeral home’s casket sales. The funeral Industry does not need this bad publicity.

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