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23 Aug
Fairbrother Funeral Home, Plate 2
Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Recently I have become aware of several Crematories that have burned down and even burned funeral homes down. As  a crematory operator i have dealt with fires in the crematory, grease fires.

The new green cremation process using water does not use fire, only water and alkali-accelerating decomposition.

“A structural fire was extinguished Saturday, August 21 at around 12:30 p.m. at Countryside Funeral Home, 950 S. Bartlett Road by the Bartlett Fire Protection District and members of other area fire districts including Hanover Park, Streamwood, Bloomingdale, Itasca, Pingree Grove and Countryside.

Bartlett police said the fire appeared to have originated in the funeral home’s crematory and caused about $100,000 worth of damage to the roof and crematory.”


When fire cremation is not used-Accelerating decomposition-through alkaline hydrolysis, bio cremation, water cremation, water resolution, resomation etc there is not the same threat of fire as with fire cremation.

The Most recent out of control crematory fire struck in my area.

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