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23 Aug
New York City Serenade
Image by joiseyshowaa via Flickr

In New York City, There is cemetery Gridlock. Cemetery Gridlock is not often listed as a reason to do a fire a or green cremation.  There is space to bury the dead there and with what space there is it is quite expensive.

The answer around this issue is cremation and the in the future the answer may be fire cremation or green cremation by alkaline hydrolysis.

For the dead, however, virtually no amount of money will secure a final resting place in the heart of a city that is fast running out of graveyard space.

And in the parts of town where a burial plot is still available, the cost has in some cases more than tripled in less than a decade; aboveground mausoleums can fetch upward of $3 million. Cemeteries are scrambling to create more space, and as plot prices have soared, the number of cremations has also risen, with a quarter of New Yorkers choosing the less expensive alternative.

via www.nytimes.com

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