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20 Aug
List of constitutions of the United States

United States is at the Forefront of Resomation or Green Cremation. The main  companies  are in the United States  that are making and distributing Green, Resomation, Alkaline Hydroylsis, Machines.

Ultimately, it may be the high cost of resomation that keeps it from catching on in Belgium. The Belgian government covers the cost of cremation and would likely be expected to pick up the tab for resomation–something critics are likely to resist. So for now, the U.S. will remain at the forefront of resomation.

via www.forbes.com

Aquamation Industries in Australia claims to be making a low pressure alkaline hydrolysis machine. My Sources state  that their machine up to now has been produced in The USA.( there are many unverifiable claims at the Aquamation  website)

Resomation LTD in the UK has machines but the Forbes Article suggest it won’t happen Belgium soon. Belgian Funeral Directors want it to Happen. Europe right now is not the center of Alkaline Hydrolysis in  the Funeral  industry.

Sandy Sullivan of the Resomation LTD  is trying to bring Resomation to the UK and Europe.

Matthews International, Inc is making (Resomation LTD machines)and Distributing  the High Pressure Alkaline Hydrolysis Bio Cremation Machines in the USA.(Machine production verified)

CycledLife Inc is  selling and Distributing  Low Pressure, lower heat green cremations machines made by  BioResponse  Solutions, Inc( Machine Production Verified)

Eco-Green Cremation Systems, Inc produces low pressure, low to medium heat green cremation machines. It is still unknown who is making the Eco-Green Cremation Systems, Inc machine.

BioSAFE Engineering makes resomation machines with a human cadaver application and has them places at universities around the world. (Machine Production Verified)

Resomation Machines Cost much more than low pressure green cremation machines.

There is talk of other companies emerging who will be making green cremation machines and resomators, resomation- alkaline hydrolysis machines. Nothing is verified at this time.

There are up to 100 locations rumored to receive low pressure andhigh pressure alkaline hydrolysis water cremation machines  for the Funeral Industry in the United States. NON-Funeral industry investors are becoming involved .

Resomation machines will likely result in higher funeral cost than low pressure machines.

Click here for more recent news on this topic.

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2 Responses to “United States at The Forefront of Resomation, Green Cremation|YourFuneralGuy”

  1. christopheundertaker August 21, 2010 at 12:51 am #

    The article of forbes.com had a big fault in it. As a Belgian undertaker i can tell that the gouvernment does not cover the cost of cremations!

    The family of the deceased pays the bill! Not the gouvernment. Never been different.

    At this moment the gouvernment is investigating the posibility of resomation. But as you might know we just had elections and we are forming a new gouvernment. This may take a while before the topic of resomation comes into our lifes.

  2. cycledlife August 21, 2010 at 1:02 pm #

    CycledLife, Inc. would be happy to sell our low-temperature alkaline hydrolysis system to funeral directors in Belgium for $128,000 USD. This would allow them to offer alkaline hydrolysis for less than the cost of a cremation. http://www.CycledLife.com.

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