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15 Aug
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Funeral Industry needs to lose oudated practices Image via Wikipedia

Louisiana Funeral Directors need to lose the outdated Casket Law that is threatening Catholic Monks from selling their caskets. It is absurd for Monks to be required to have an Embalming facility and be embalmers  in their Abbey in order to sell Caskets.

But in order to sell caskets in Louisiana, you have to first know how to embalm a body. And you can’t know that unless — similar to the interior designer registration statute — you take classes, pass an exam and serve an apprenticeship that is a “primary form of employment.” At that point you get to call yourself a funeral director. But that’s not all. You can only sell those caskets in a souped-up funeral parlor equipped with embalming tools and staffed by licensed embalmers.

via www.nola.com

The Funeral Industry is hanging onto outdated laws and practices. This has contributed to Funeral Industry decline. There is a great need for funeral directors to get in touh with the times and their customers.

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