Your Funeral Guy Blog Exclusive: World’s First Green Cremation, Alkaline Hydroloysis Center open

12 Aug
A typical American crematorium.
Typical American Crematorium Image via Wikipedia

The worlds first green cremation center has opened in Australia.  In June Your Funeral Guy became aware that an Alkaline Hydrolysis machine was being shipped to Australia.

Alkaline hydrolysis or water cremation will revolutionize the Funeral Industry Around the World. The process can be done at cost less  to the consumer-much  less than a traditional cremation without polluting the atmosphere. In Fact the process helps the environment. This will help consumers funeral cost everywhere in the world.

Your Funeral Guy  first blogged about the demonstration of  a machine like the one in Australia  in June. Click Here to View pictures.

The process is a  winner all the way around. Good for the consumer, good for the funeral industry, good for the environment, good for the world’s religions-(gods will not object, it is simply accelerated decomposition)

Aquamation Industries chief executive John Humphries says the service, at the Eco Memorial Park at Stapylton near Dreamworld, uses a process it hopes will revolutionise the funeral industry.

“Aquamation is a more natural, ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to cremations and uses water instead of fire to return a body to nature,” the Courier Mail quoted Humphries as saying.

“And within a year we would expect you would be able to have this done anywhere in Australia,” he stated.


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The process is known as bio cremation, water resolution, green cremation, aquamation, water cremation


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  1. funerals brisbane February 16, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    my grandparents have chosen thier tomb, they said they want to know where they will sleep after they gone.

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