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11 Aug
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Former Congressman Dan Rostenkowski has died, Once the Head of the powerful Ways and Means committee. There was a time when he sent billions back to Chicago.  There are no public plans for a funeral at this time.

Dan Rostenkowski, a product of the Chicago Democratic political machine who rose to become one of the most powerful members of the U.S. House of Representatives before he lost his seat and was jailed on felony corruption charges, died Wednesday at his home in Wisconsin. He was 82.

The son of a Chicago alderman and ward committeeman who trafficked in political favors, Mr. Rostenkowski entered Congress in 1959 with the backing of Mayor Richard J. Daley, patriarch of the city’s machine. As the mayor’s man in Washington, Mr. Rostenkowski delivered billions of dollars of federal largesse to Chicago, including $450 million to repair the city’s John F. Kennedy Expressway and $4 billion for the Deep Tunnel project to keep sewage out of Lake Michigan.

His death was confirmed Wednesday by the office of Chicago Alderman Richard Mell.


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