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7 Aug
U.S. National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia
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The US Army is to get some Some Corporate tech help with it’s problems at Arlington National Cemetery, 15 Tech companies will be helping with  the computerization of Arlington National Cemetery Burial Records.

These Corporate Good Samaritans will be assisting in bringing the burial records into  computer data bases. This should end much of the controversy of the paper record system.


The U.S. Army has accepted a pro-bono offer from more than a dozen Northern Virginia technology companies to help sort out a burial records mess at Arlington National Cemetery, Sen. Mark Warner announced Friday.

The 15 firms — members of the Northern Virginia Technology Council — extended the offer after an Army probe turned up mislabeled and unaccounted-for graves and a haphazard paper record-keeping system in use at the cemetery. The group will gauge the site’s information technology challenges and begin digitizing the documents.

Warner, D-Va., in a statement, called the effort “corporate citizenship at its best.”

“All of us were frustrated and angered to learn that Arlington Cemetery officials continued to rely on paper records, which means we are one fire, rainstorm or coffee spill away from damaging or even losing these truly irreplaceable records,” he said.


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