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3 Aug
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The big three Casket Companies are being sued, for market manipulation. From my perspective this is has been going on for decades. A lawsuit will be brought before a judge in Houston this week on this matter.

The big three casket company sales have already been crippled by the rise of cremation.

There are secret in agreements in place between one of the three big casket Companies and funeral homes… but they will not admit to it generally only in specific cases.

This is a hot topic in the funeral business. and funeral homes are very reluctant to talk about their agreements with the casket makers.

April Dembosky: To get around current FTC rules, the top three casket companies in the country wrote new internal distribution policies. They said they would sell caskets to anyone, but they would only deliver them to funeral homes. Consumer attorney Gordon Schnell says that allowed these companies to dominate 70 percent of the casket market.

Gordon Schnell: The defendants along with other funeral homes have entered into a conspiracy to restrict competition from discount casket sellers so they can keep their casket pricing artificially high.


Now  a casket can be obtained for a reasonable funeral cost  by ordering it on the Internet, Walmart and Costco both sell caskets.

If you Google Caskets the leading Casket Maker Batesville comes up  along with a leading online seller Star Legacy Caskets.

The big three casket companies are Batesville, York and Aurora.

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One Response to “Big Three Casket Companies being sued-Your Funeral Guy”

  1. Marsha November 8, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    Help, mother did a pre need for a casket. The cemetary man showed me the a pic of the casket she ordered. When at the funeral home it wasn’t what he showed me. Owner says the pic isn’t right but we got the right casket. how can we know when several casket companies all sell a casket called White Rose. How can we find out what one looked like in 1994?

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