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29 Jul
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Folks with Preneed policies at the National Prearranged Services Funeral Home in Missouri may have lost it all. It is a fact that  all the monies in prepaid funerals at Washington Forever Funeral Home in Missouri are gone.  There is the possiblity that some customers of Washington Forever Funeral Home may get some credits from two area Kansas City Funeral Homes Charter Funerals and Speaks Legacy Chapels, but the details are a bit vague.

It was stated by the Missouri Attorney General that folks who bought a preneed policy at the Independence, Missouri Funeral Home will have to get their funeral somewhere else. The total estimates in the NPS Preneed  Funeral Scams are between 600 Million and   1 billion dollars. This is significant enough warning  for anyone not to put their funeral cost money into a prepaid funeral

The Missouri attorney general’s office Tuesday issued recommendations for those who purchased prepaid funeral plans from a now-closed Independence funeral home.

Consumers who purchased a plan from Mount Washington Forever Funeral Home will need to make new arrangements at another funeral home, according to the office.

Last week, two Kansas City area funeral homes firms, Charter Funerals and Speaks Family Legacy Chapels, offered to issue possible credits to those customers.

Anyone still paying on such plans purchased through Mount Washington Forever, the attorney general release said, “should stop making payments.”


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