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28 Jul
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Service Corporation International has a created another graveside flap, this time it is not just over grave momentos but flying flags, at a war hero’s grave. A new Manager came to Memorial Park  Cemetery in December 2009 and has told the mother and father to take (at least one of the )flags at the site down.

Skokie, Ill. – The father of a soldier from Skokie has made a deal with a cemetery that will allow him to continue to fly an American flag over his son’s grave.

Last week, Memorial Park in Skokie told Elie Bitton that he had to remove the ten foot flag poles that bookended the monument to his son Albert Bitton, or the cemetery would do it for him.

Army Corporal Bitton was killed by a roadside bomb in 2008, and for the past two and a half years the poles have flown an American flag and an MIA/POW flag on either side of the black granite headstone.

His father visits the grave three times a day, and there has never been a problem until last week when the cemetery’s new manager Ron Graeff told him the flags and the flowers around the grave site would have to go because they didn’t conform to the rules and regulations.

Graeff had only been in charge since December 2009, so he could not say why no one told Bitton the flag poles were too tall when he put them in. The cemetery’s regulations do not permit any memorials taller than four feet.

“After two and a half years, you’re gonna tell me what to do, the flag is down or not. He’s an anti-American, it’s an anti-American, because if it was really an American he would never said that,” an outraged Elie Bitton told Fox Chicago News at the cemetery.


After 2.5  years and telling the family to take the graves down? The world’s largest funeral corporation continued inconsistent enforcement of their  cemetery policies. The Illinois Cemetery Oversight Act will not be much help this matter, although the family has contacted the Department Of Veterans Affairs. Service Corporation International, NYSE:SCI is known by some as big death and the evil funeral empire.

This story was featured on July 28th 2010, on the Fox News Channel Americas News room. Death care Scandals at SCI Have become quite common over the past Several Years.

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