Have you seen a Facebook Ghost?-Your Funeral Guy

18 Jul

Facebook has a problem dealing with death and dying, then again so does google, yahoo, twitter and other internet giants.

Facebook changed it’s policy to letting memorial pages go on into perpetuity a while back. The New York Times recently did a great article on this subject.

Have you seen a Facebook Ghost?

It seems that facebook just cannot let folks die, Facebook  must be notified and the deceased love one must join the Dead Facebook Society . Until the deceased facebook  page is deleted  or a memorial page set up facebook cannot tell who is dead or alive.  Until some one takes action…..

the ghosts are free to roam Facebook. You could get a message to contact a dead friend!

Funeral Industry|Funeral News|funeral blog by Your Funeral Guy, Funeral Director, Illinois and Virginia.

Facebook and YouTube have a somewhat effective policy on Death and Dying.


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