YourFuneralGuy Exclusive-Matthews Intl on Green, Bio Cremation

16 Jul

The Largest crematory manufacturer in the USA-Matthews International- may jump ahead in the great  green, bio cremation race. The process is also known  Alkaline hydrolysis, water resolution, resomation, or  Alkaline  Disposition.

There have been 2 comments  AT  THIS BLOG from Matthews Cremation.

1. Matthews International Will soon have a website devoted to bio(or green Cremation)

Comment-Matthews Cremation will be releasing a website dedicated specifically to the Bio-Cremation process shortly. Our hopes are to dis spell some of the myths associated with this process and advance legislation to allow it in all states. Stay tuned!

viaYour Funeral Guy Exclusive: Funeral Industry Alkaline Hydrolysis(Pics) Demonstration

2. Matthews Cremation will ship an Alkaline Hydrolysis(Green Cremation) Machine very soon to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Comment-Actually, the Bio Cremation machine going to St. Pete will serve as a full service facility for those requesting green cremations. It should be installed soon and we are looking forward to seeing it go out.-via Tale of Two Bio Cremation Machines

Different Companies claim the green or bio cremation will cost the  same as traditional or fire cremation(ie cycled life). Others say it will cost more. Some  say it will cost less. It really depends on the funeral home or the funeral Director setting the Price!

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4 Responses to “YourFuneralGuy Exclusive-Matthews Intl on Green, Bio Cremation”

  1. cycledlife July 17, 2010 at 1:07 pm #

    True, the actual cost to consumers will be set by funeral directors; however, the internal cost to the funeral director will vary based on the type of system chosen, either high-temperature or low-temperature.

    The costs of goods for a CycledBurial(TM) including energy, alkali, and water will average about $20 per human remain. This is significantly less than the operating cost for a cremation. As our systems sell for $128,000, comparable to the cost of a crematory, the cost of a CycledBurial should be close to that of a cremation, if not less.

    Funeral directors will need to factor in a cost to amortize their alkaline hydrolysis system. We estimate funeral directors who purchase high-temperature systems would need to allocate in their cost structure 3 to 5 times more cost per human remain to recoup their capital investment, than funeral directors who purchase low-temperature systems. The ongoing maintenance costs for high-temperature systems will likely prove a lot more costly than the maintenance cost for a low-temperature system. The total cost of ownership should be weighed when selecting an alkaline hydrolysis system.

    CycledLife gladly provides funeral directors with a spreadsheet, in Excel, that funeral directors can use to model offering this new technology. Go to to request this spreadsheet. The model can be used to estimate the cost of ownership of a high-temperature system, too. As our system uses no pumps or other items that have notoriously failed, we did not include a maintenance line item on our spreadsheet. We expect the maintenance cost to be a few dollars per year. One may wish to consult with those operating the problematic, high-temperature systems to better estimate the unknown downtime and high maintenance cost experienced with such systems. Then, add this cost to the spreadsheet.

  2. yourfuneralguy July 18, 2010 at 12:37 am #

    Funeral directors will have to decide the price. The costs involved with the high pressure machines are much higher than than the low pressure ones. The low pressure machines are not getting there just coverage in the media. This concerns me because i believe this process can help the funeral consumer and the world!

  3. matthewscremation July 19, 2010 at 10:10 am #

    I heartily concur! Whether the Funeral Director decides on a low or high pressure model, benefits to the environment is apparent as energy usage is much less than that of a traditional burial or cremation. Based on a rate of 40 cremations/month and natural gas consumption figures taken from an independent environmental study, the cost savings on gas achieved by adopting Bio Cremation™ over traditional cremation are in the region of $1,700 per month. The ability to retrieve and recycle prosthetics is a wonderful bonus as well.

    Some of the media coverage has been negative in regards to the process in general, including claims of “boiling in acid”, “Soylent Green” and “flushing loved ones down the drain”. Hopefully an open dialogue will help to dispell some of these myths.

  4. yourfuneralguy July 19, 2010 at 12:34 pm #

    From a funeral directors perspective I see benefits to the low pressure system and the high pressure systems, It all depends on the individual funeral home’s situation.(needs).

    Overall the benefits of any system is great, great for the funeral home, great for the consumer(price point) and great for the environment.

    Negative Media coverage needs to be dealt with effectively.

    It seems that silly objections are being made just like there were for cremation 30 years ago!

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