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16 Jul

National Prearranged Services(NPS) is back  in court over  Funeral Fraud  in the amount 600 million dollars. At issue is a court injunction and the owners spending the funds they received from the Fraudulent Preneed Contracts.

State insurance Guaranty associations who have guaranteed the the  funeral funds to the consumers have brought the lawsuit against the  owners.

At issue is whether spending of funds that can be recovered will be curtailed.

National Prearranged Services back in Court

The topic in the federal courtroom on Wednesday was money, specifically what happened to $600 million and whether a federal judge should be watchful to make sure even more money doesn’t go missing.

No one disputes that the money is gone,” attorney Daniel Reilly told the federal judge. “But the defendants never say where that money went.”

The defendants in this case were the Cassity family, owners of a once-celebrated funeral services company in Clayton and a web of affiliated companies. They ran National Prearranged Services and Forever Enterprises, plus two life insurance companies.


Do not put your funeral cost funds at risk do not do Funeral Preneed,

Some estimates put total losses at 1 billion not 600 million.

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