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15 Jul

National Prearranged Services Preneed Contracts, and the NPS National Prearranged Lawsuit has closed down a Funeral Home. The Main tool in this fraud was white out. It’s all about Mount Washington National Forever Funeral Home in Independence, MO.

It is very interesting to note that the NPS, National Prearranged Funeral Scandal all had to do with a bottle of White OUT! Read more on that  by clicking here:

Although the lawsuit is for 600 Million USD estimates of the NPS Scam

The funeral home was receiving no money to try and fund pre-need contracts that families had with a company previously managing the home, said Duke Radovich, chief executive officer of Charter.

Pre-need burial and funeral services involve a pre-payment by the customer in exchange for the promise that funeral services will be provided at no further cost when the customer dies.

National Prearranged Services went to different funeral homes, offering to sell prearranged funeral services and to manage the money from the pre-need contracts.

The problem was that National Prearranged Services was sued in federal court for $600 million, alleging the company preyed on consumers and funeral homes to perpetuate a multi-million dollar, nationwide scheme from the sale of pre-need contracts.

The suit looks to recover costs expended by plaintiffs and seven state insurance guaranty companies.


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