Your Funeral Guy:What Country will have #1 GreenCremationMachine?

12 Jul

What country in the world will have the 1st Green Cremation Machine? There are reports of the green cremation, alkaline hydrolysis, resomation, water resolution  machines going into the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Mexico, The UK and Scotland.

In the United States alone reports have surfaced of the machine going into California, Washington State, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota and Maine. There does seem to be a race among Funeral Homes in the US to be the first to place a  green cremation machine into Operation. The funeral home anywhere in the world that is first will certainly get much free publicity.  It is also rumored that the Neptune Society has purchased a Machine.

A machine could be in place any time this summer or this fall. There are some negatives however as recent press reports indicate.

UNDERTAKERS could dissolve corpses in chemicals then flush the remains into the sewage system under plans being studied by European bureaucrats.

The controversial method has been hailed as a much more ecologically sound method of dealing with the dead.

But critics have branded the procedure, driven by a Scottish company, as “disturbing” and claim it shows no respect for the recently departed.


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