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12 Jul

Sadly  one year after the Burr Oak Cemetery  Scandal not much has changed. Perpetua, Inc, the company responsible for the disaster is still in charge. The Four people arrested have not gone to court. The gate has been changed. There is no resolution of grief for the families involved. Recovered remains have not been identified or even tested, nor will they be.

Illinois does have a new cemetery Law  and possibly effective  Cemetery Oversight. (Click Here for More)National legislation, the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act, HR 3655 seems to be stalled in Congressional Committee.

Burr Oak is of special significance to African-Americans in Chicago. It was one of the first cemeteries to allow blacks to bury their loved ones, and many African-Americans still opt to have their relatives laid to rest there.

Burials resumed at the cemetery in November. But they have not all gone smoothly, said Sheriff Tom Dart, whose office uncovered the alleged grave-reselling scheme. Dart said his detectives found hundreds of human bones, but there is no way to identify the bodies.

“I feel confident the people who have been charged will be convicted,” Dart said. “But true justice, I don’t think (the families) will ever get the complete closure and sense of justice they deserve.”

Since the cemetery reopened, there have been more than 200 new burials, said Randy Sanderson, chief financial officer of Perpetua Holdings. He said there has been a steady stream of visitors since the cemetery reopened, and the staff helps relatives find gravesites, now that the cemetery has been better organized.

While it was closed, officials relabeled sections of the cemetery and placed new markers on the grounds.

“I believe we have come a long way in terms of assuring folks that their loved ones were not disturbed,” Sanderson said. “It may only be a handful of families that have some doubt. But hundreds of families have come here since November, and they leave here satisfied.”

Nevertheless, a sense of distrust and betrayal remains with some.


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