Chris Rock Sued For Movie “Death at a Funeral”|Your Funeral Guy

8 Jul

Chris Rock Has been sued for the movie “”Death at a Funeral” Many times funeral or death related Lawsuits are meaningless or Frivolous.

The suit against this movie appears to be off the chart.

Some lawsuits are just better than others. Here’s a one-of-a-kind gem.

A woman is demanding $20 million in damages from Sony Pictures, Chris Rock and other producers of the April comedy “Death at a Funeral,” claiming they ripped off her 1995 book about the embarrassment she suffered at a funeral in Jamaica when she was stripped of her clothing.

The woman, Pamella Lawrence, is representing herself in court and has filed a lawsuit stuffed with outrageous claims, including racism, a plot to eradicate the female population of urban cities and allegations of inside jokes within the movie that were specifically intended to humiliate her.


There is a  place for lawsuits in the funeral industry. This occurs when laws or contracts are violated. Usually Funeral Lawsuits come in three areas: Preneed funds, mishandling of the deceased, family being mistreated at a funeral.

An Example of a preneed fund funeral lawsuits are the class action lawsuits, and funeral director lawsuits  filed against the Illinois Funeral Directors Association.

Many Lawsuits have been presented a t Your Funeral Guy Blogs involving the deceased, and their families against Service Corporation International.

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