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7 Jul

One year after the gruesome revelations  at Burr Oak Cemetery the Cook County Sheriff is not recommending burials take place at that location. Stating that Folks are emotionally damaged due to the scandal, Sheriff Tom Dart feels that  conducting burials there would be not be workable.

It’s been a year since police began discovering skeletal remains above ground at Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip.
Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart took over Burr Oak Cemetery in the days and weeks after the bones were being discovered and an alleged grave dumping scandal was uncovered.

New owners are in line to take over, but the sheriff says they should not put new graves in the area where most of the skeletal remains were found on the northwest corner of Burr Oak.

Dart says, “You can never operate it like any ol’ cemetery. Certain areas are sacrosanct. You can’t dig there because there are remains back there and they’re never going to be actually excavated.”

Sheriff Dart says that, in the end, the Burr Oak scandal left a lot of emotionally damaged families.

Burr Oak Cemetery is open for burials once again, but Dart doesn’t think there’s much, if any, room to bury any more bodies. He says even after all the work to sort out the hodge podge of burial records there, there are still occasional problems, like going to bury someone only to find “there’s somebody already in there.”


Over 300 graves were desecrated at Burr Oak Cemetery. There was a grave plot selling scandal with four people arrested. There is yet to be a trial in this matter.

The scandal has brought new cemetery legislation in the State of Illinois, but the fate of the National legislation proposed by Congressman Bobby Rush-the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act HR 3655-remains to be seen.

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