Three Great Americans who Died on the Fourth of July-Your Funeral Guy

4 Jul

Here are three great Americans that died on the Fourth of July.They also are some of the Founding Fathers and American Presidents.

Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826,at 12:30pm at age 83.

The likely cause of death was dehydration resulting from amoebic dysentery.

He died in Charlottesville, Virginia at his home Monticello

Jefferson was the writer of the Declaration Of Independence.

John Adams died on Jul 4, 1826 at 6:20pm.

The cause of death is likely heart failure caused by arteriosclerosis and debility. He was 90.

His death happened in Quincy, Massachusetts.

It is interesting to note that Jefferson and Adams died 4 hours apart.

James Monroe died on Jul 4, 1831,at  3:15pm.

The likely cause of death was tuberculosis.

He was 73 and passed on in New York City.

He was the Last Founding Father of the United States Of America.

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