BoingBoing hits NewYork Times,

4 Jul

What if you were to die Tuesday? What about an obituary?The popular website Boing Boing has criticized the New York Times and for their policies and funeral cost for obituaries. Print obituaries are quite expensive and often both the Newspapers and the funeral home(Funeral Director) does not explain the charges clearly. is used by most of the major newspapers in North America for their obituaries.

Your Funeral Guy has for a long time warned folks about obituary as a part of funeral cost. Details on saving on Funeral Cost can be obtained in Rest in Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral. There are details in this work on Funeral Cost of obituaries.

Recently I helped a friend with a Funeral arrangement and the obituary costs were not explained. Please do not sign a Funeral Contract with out a a full disclosure on the Cost of your obituary.

In other words, the site takes money from bereaved people without disclosing what it’s billing them, gambling on the fact that they’re probably too preoccupied to care. Whether or not this kind of thing is legal, it is completely unethical. Even an undertaker who has upsold you on everything from coffin to funeral buffet has to show you a number before you sign on the dotted line.

If you Google around long enough, you may find your way to the New York Times rate sheet, where the small print tells you that an online death notice costs “from $79”. But you won’t find this information from anywhere within the payment funnel, nor will you find any more information about that evocative word from.

I find it odious and troubling that the New York Times, along with a raft of other major newspapers, partners with this kind of website. It seems like further confirmation that newspapers will now clutch at any revenue stream.


Many times obituaries can be posted at  funeral home website. This too can be expensive. Do not do his if the funeral home charges for this service. Obituaries can be posted on facebook. The Face Book Memorial Page can Function as an obituary. There are also free obituary sites that you can use. Somer folks simply use or as a free obituary site.


Obituaries can cost less in smaller local papers but not always.

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The editorial is quite correct ” Newspapers will clutch any Revenue Stream”.  Often they protect the funeral home when corruption or fraud is involved. They want to protect the obituary revenue stream.

The Boing Boing Obit Shot was right on!


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  1. Barbara Tomasino September 11, 2013 at 8:45 pm #

    Go to (barbara tomasino) – price of obituaries for veterans

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