Sen. Byrd leaves Senate in Funeral Casket For Last Time|YourFuneralGuy

1 Jul

Senator Robert Byrd has left the United States Senate for the last Time In His Funeral Casket. The senator “Lied in th Repose” in the Capitol Building today in the United States Senate. A United States Senator Lying in repose has not happened in over 50 years.

“The longest-serving member of Congress, Robert Byrd, who died at the age of 92 early Monday morning, lay in repose in the Senate chamber for several hours today. The last time a Senator was granted this honor took place in 1959, the year Byrd joined the Senate. Byrd served in Congress for 57 years and was the Senator from West Virginia for 51 years.

His body is being flown to West Virginia where there will be a receiving ceremony and public viewing starting tonight and a memorial service tomorrow including remarks by Pres. Obama and Vice President Biden.”via

Senator Byrd died early Monday Morning. His Funeral will be next Tuesday, July 6th 2010 in Arlington VA

It’s Official President Obama will speak at Senator Byrd’s  Memorial Funeral Service  Friday Morning.

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