Army Correcting Problems At Arlington National Cemetery|Your Funeral Guy

30 Jun

The United States Army is correcting  Problems at Arlington National Cemetery, The Secretary of the Army is before the House Armed Services  Committee today talking about the steps he is taking to correct problems with 211+ Graves, a lack of computerized records and old headstones found in a stream near the cemetery.

Auditors are being called in to assess problems. There will be a massive effort to computerize records, something that should have been done years ago. ANC’s problems may be an easy government fix compared to the other problems that are facing the Nation. Still, to redoing the entire Arlington National Cemetery Systems may take years.

Fixing incorrectly marked and improperly located graves and designing a new and effective management structure has been the priority at Arlington National Cemetery since the Army announced earlier this month it had been neglected for years.

On Wednesday, Secretary of the Army John McHugh is expected to tell a House panel that the new management team he installed is in the midst of correcting some of the high-profile problems, while Army auditors prepare for a massive undertaking in rehabilitating how the cemetery catalogues and keeps track of graves and burials. The overhaul is expected to take years, according to Army officials not authorized to speak publicly ahead of McHugh.


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