Will President Obama Speak at Senator Robert Byrd’s Funeral?|YourFuneralGuy

28 Jun
It will take several days to arrange the Senator Robert Byrd Funeral Service. Things could take 1-4 days because logistics will need to be coordinated with the Family, the  United States Senate, government officials and local Law enforcement.
The Logistics for an event like this are quite involved.
Odds are that Obama will speak and give a Eulogy.The White House will not announce whether President Obama will be at Senator Robert Byrd’s Funeral until Funeral Arrangements are finalized. The announcement may come just before the funeral for security reasons.

There will be probably be some sort of National Memorial Service where Fellow Senators can share their memories. This was the case in Senator Ted Kennedy’s. Funeral.

President Obama will  probably speak reading a teleprompter and fulfill his role Griever in Chief .

The burial will most likely be private.

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Your Funeral Guy Blogs on the Funerals of Government Leaders.Examples:Ted Kennedy, John Murtha, Jack Kemp, Polish President
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