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25 Jun

At the center of Arlington National Cemeteries latest problems is record keeping. The Cemetery still relies on a paper and card system.  Given millions of deceased it is conceivable for 100’s  (211) to turn up in the wrong place.

Snippet from the Washington Post

As a result, the nation’s most hallowed military cemetery uses a flawed and antiquated paper system for tracking the whereabouts of thousands of buried service members and their relatives. Although the cemetery has spent $5.5 million over seven years to upgrade its records, problems abound, according to an Army inspector general investigation and other Army documents.

One contract was so flawed that a handwritten note attached to a legal review of it said, “This is probably not the best way to do business,” according to the Army’s investigation, which was released this month. But the note said that the “contract is not illegal.”

via www.washingtonpost.com

Salon Magazine has been following this story for quite some time.

The Army inspector general probe focused in particular on millions spent on a fruitless, years-long effort to computerize paper burial records at the cemetery, work that if done properly likely would have halted the now-infamous burial mistakes there. Other large cemeteries computerized operations years ago. Experts say it could be done for a fraction of what Arlington has likely spent

via www.salon.com

Salon Magazine did extensive stories on botched IT contracts at Arlington National Cemetery in 2009, showing how contracts were given out continually as companies went under.

If the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights act, HR. 3655,  had become law some of this surely would have been avoided.

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