World’s Largest Funeral Corp Negotiation Standstill with Chicago Teamsters|Your Funeral Guy

24 Jun


CHicago Teamsters Local 727 is negotiating with Local Funeral Homes.

It appears that negotiations are stalled between Funeral Home Teamsters workers(LOCAL 727) and specific Union)Service Corporation International Funeral Homes in the Chicago Area.

CHICAGO– After seven meetings between Teamsters Local 727 and funeral industry giant Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI), contract negotiations are at a standstill as the current contract for funeral directors, embalmers and drivers nears expiration on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

“Our members have worked and lived in these communities for decades. It’s appalling how this company comes in with an outside agenda while putting up a facade of being family-friendly,” said John Coli Jr., Local 727 Vice President. “Our members bring dignity and comfort to grieving families in their greatest time of need. This company should do the same for its employees.”

Houston, Texas-based Service Corporation International is the largest provider of death-care products and services in North America,


The quote “It’s appalling, how this company comes  in with an outside agenda while putting up a facade of being family friendly.” is a theme of this blog about Service Corporation International.  Some recent experiences and reported Scandals have led me to believe that some  at SCI have nothing in mind but to fleece the Funeral Consumer.

In the Chicago area there is a clear line between Union Funeral homes. and non -union shops.

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