Service Corporation International Funeral Home Fined For Veterans Corpse Abuse|Your Funeral Guy

18 Jun

National Funeral Home in Falls Church Virginia has been fined for Their part in Veterans Corpse Abuse SCI Scandal of 2009. This was were veterans bodies  were left to rot in the garage while waiting for burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Employees at the funeral home raised concerns last year that hundreds of bodies were being mishandled at the facility. A Washington Post article in April 2009 detailed allegations that bodies had been left on hazardous-materials boxes and makeshift gurneys; deceased veterans were placed on garage racks for months while awaiting burial at Arlington National Cemetery; and some bodies were left exposed and leaking fluids.


A fine of $50,000 USD  is but a swat at a mosquito for the World’s Largest Funeral Corporation,  NYSE:SCI, Service Corporation International.  Unannounced inspections should be happening in Virginia anyway.

National Funeral Home and the Virginia Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers signed a consent order this week in which the Falls Church facility agreed to two years of probation, a $50,000 fine and six unannounced inspections each year. A two-year suspension was imposed but immediately stayed. It could take effect if the funeral home is found to have any violations in the next two years.


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