Your Funeral Guy Exclusive: The Pharmacist Causes Your Funeral?

17 Jun

This week I ran into the situation where my pharmacist could have easily caused my death and Funeral. The “sudden death”  funeral scenario is quite horrific as  i had  recently looked at it first hand.

The Funeral Surprise of “Sudden Death” shocks.  Last week a friend’s son died  suddenly . This  was the cause of great grief for the friend. It shocked me to see her fleeced by the funeral home, and the cemetery. Because I helped with funeral, i felt the hurt firsthand. These things are covered in Your Funeral Guy blogs quite often. I am afraid that the friend’s grief  will be compounded by the Funeral Cost. The cause of death of the young man was not directly apparent.

Then This week I realized that your FRIENDLY local pharmacist carelessness could easily kill you and CAUSE YOUR SUDDEN DEATH AND FUNERAL and no one might ever find out.

“On 6/15/2010 i received a phone call from Ms.Pharmacist  at the “Walgreens Pharmacy” at Main Street  in Specific Town  that there may be wrong pills in my Perscription xxxxxxxx-xxxx. I was told that the correct pills would be labeled “YVWXWZ” with a line cut on the bottom of the pill.

There were two pills with the prescription Inscription “AB with no cut on the bottom of the pill.  ( real prescription lettering withheld)

“On 6/16 2010 i brought the pills to the pharmacy. Pharmacist, (Name withheld)  took these pills from me, glanced at the pills and said the pills were all the same. I said no, he said yes. I told PHARMACIST (Licensee XXXXX) to put the pills in the bottle, he did. I said I will check the pills again.

I proceeded to an unused Cash register. My daughter and I separated the pills once again. I requested that manager be called. A Manager came and and acknowledged the pills were wrong. He said he would rectify the situation by giving me the right pills.

I stated that that would not be good enough for me and that i needed to be assured that some sort of action be taken against the pharmacist who tried get me to walk out with the wrong pills. I view this pharmacy ( SPECIFIC Pharmacist ERROR  & unwilling to INVESTIGATE) incompetence as a threat to me and the community.

I Proceeded to the pharmacy and put the pills on the counter, very upset.

I walked out of the store, got my cell phone, and returned to call the police in ANYTOWN,  USA

The police retrieved the correct pills.-ANY TOWN PD  Officer Friendly REPORT- ABC12345678p1011-The recent life experience of your funeral guy

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Names withheld to protect the guilty!


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