Your Funeral Guy Exclusive: Battle Of The New Green Cremation Machine |Alkaline Hydrolysis? Cryomation

13 Jun

CycledLife alkaline hydrolysis Machine

Will The cremation of the future  Green Cremation  be Alkaline Hydrolysis or Cryomation? The next cultural shift in disposing of the dead will  be Green Cremation.

There are two processes that are on the horizon one is called Alkaline Hydrolysis, where water pressure heat and alkaline combine to accelerate decomopostion of the body. Ashes are returned to the Family at the end of this process.

The other process Called Cryomation where the body is freeze dried and then broken down into an ash like substance to be returned to the family- Charles Cowling at the Good Funeral Guide has been covering this.

Snippet from the Cryomation website.

The process itself uses Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the body to -196 degrees C until the body is brittle. The body is then fragmented, foreign metal objects removed, and body materials returned to the process. The remains are then freeze dried under a range of vacuumed conditions to remove the moisture. Our process (patent pending) ensures that the final powder is sterile and 100% free of all bacteria & viruses. An accelerated composting process further reduces the mass and means that what is returned can itself, generate and sustain life.


There is a computer graphic video of the process, but no real machine pictured.

The Cryomation Machine has been demonstrated in the UK. The larger resomation machines have been in use in Medical Schools in the US for the disposition of Medical waste and cadavers.

There are 4 players in the world racing to put this machine out. Eco-Green Cremation System, BioSafe Engineering, CycledLife and Resomation Ltd.

Resomation LTD  has claimed to ship a resomation machine for Funeral Industry Use to it’s distributor Matthews International In the USA in 2009. Almost A year later NOW  however the Machine is NOT INSTALLED.

Cryomation(R) says they have run a demonstration.I have seen a Cycled Life(R) demonstration with my own eyes. I  also have all seen BioSafe Engineering Machines.

I have verified that Cycle life is shipping a green cremation machine to the funeral industry. Eco-Green cremation systems claims to be shipping cremation Machines

I have pictures of the machines from all the players in the green cremation machine race  except Eco-Green Cremation System, Inc and Cryomation(R). It raises the question, Do either of these even have a machine yet? These folks may not like the question, but they are not releasing evidence of where they are at with there machines and bio cremation.

What are these men behind the curtain  at Eco-Green Cremation System, Inc and Cryomation(R) , doing? Even the little dog Toto cannot tell what these “Wizards of Oz” are doing.

It could be though that we  get up one morning though and any of the four players in alkaline hydrolysis or the cryomation folks may have multiple green cremation machines working in the funeral industry around the world.

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Resomation Machine Pic from the UK( Resomation LTD)

Note: Promessa is a company that uses liquid nitrogen in a an organic burial, Cryomation(R) is a company that takes the process  takes the process a step further in creating ash from the liquid nirtogen process. This differs from cryonics which keeps a body continually frozen for future restoration.

One Response to “Your Funeral Guy Exclusive: Battle Of The New Green Cremation Machine |Alkaline Hydrolysis? Cryomation”

  1. goodfuneralguide June 13, 2010 at 1:34 pm #

    As you say, it is going to be very interesting to see who will prevail. I had mistakenly formed the impression that Promessa had fallen behind, but I gather it is still very much in the race with a process which is much less ‘brutal’ than that employed by Cryomation.

    Both of these methods are very much greener than cremation. Even those who doubt whether the Earth is warming and heading for catastrophe will welcome a process which does not release mercury and dioxins.

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