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9 Jun

The World’s Largest Funeral Corporation has had yet another Grave scandal– This time it involves the other woman . It does appear that SCI(Service Corporation International)  views itself too big to care about their families and clients..

This week I had the occasion to observe A “Sudden Death” Cemetery Plot purchase at an SCI Cemetery, It took all my strength to Keep my mouth shut as NYE:SCI fleeced a family of thousands of Dollars.

Snippet From the Latest SCI, Dignity Cemetery scandal reported in the Press.

The last place you want to find The Other Woman is on her back next to your husband. Especially when he’s dead. A woman named Lillas Hawkins in California found just that when she went to visit her husband’s grave two weeks ago. When she pointed out the error to a cemetery worker, she says he responded, “We are in terrible trouble.” The cemetery is owned by a company named Dignity.


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Just another SCI case of the wrong person in the wrong grave.


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