Your Funeral Guy Exclusive|Is New Green Cremation Alkaline Hydrlolysis|Safe?

30 May

Is the new Alkaline Hydrolysis, Green Cremation, Water Resolution, or Bio Cremation, Resomation   a safe process?  There is some question whether this is the case. The folks in Europe claim that it may not be safe for the Fluid in the Process to go down the drain as some of the Manufacturers claim it is .

The Europeans have done some testing on this process.  They claim that TSE|CJD may be an issue with alkaline hydrolysis machines.

There is a report from the EUROPEAN COMMISSION -HEALTH & CONSUMER PROTECTION DIRECTORATE-GENERAL 16th May 2002 which deals with the effectiveness of  destroying transmissible spongiform encephalopathies and bovine spongiform encephalopathies (TSE and BSE) by alkaline hydrolysis (AH).

Pathologists admit that a number of Alzheimer patients my actually be victims of a TSE (CJD) and many are reluctant to perform autopsies on Alzheimer patients. It would seem prudent to consider whether AH (Alkaline Hydrolysis)is an acceptable process for such persons. we do not know the procedure at the Mayo Clinic Resomator  says in regards  to  their procedure is for CJD  brain post mortem examinations and disposal.

The Commission’s conclusion raises significant questions about the viability of alkaline hydrolysis as a method of disposition in the funeral industry.

“On the basis of the evidence available, the liquid residues after a process duration of 3 hours retain a significant BSE/TSE infectivity risk [if the starting material contained high levels of infectivity]. They could also contain chemicals of toxicological concern. It is therefore not appropriate to permit their direct discharge to the sewer. Moreover, from a practical viewpoint the solidification of the hydrolysate on cooling is of concern in respect of the disposal. If hydrolysate is released on a large scale to a sewer in a warm condition without extensive dilution it is likely to precipate. In the absence of data to the contrary it must be assumed that any residual BSE/TSE material could co-precipitate and thence be accessible to sewer vermin.—“EUROPEAN COMMISSION -HEALTH & CONSUMER PROTECTION DIRECTORATE-GENERAL, Scientific Steering  Committee, 16th May 2002

Clearly the burden of proof on the safety of Human remains efluent going down the drain rests with the four manufacturers, Mathews International, BIO SAFE Engineering, Cycledlife, or Eco-Green Cremation Systems.

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2 Responses to “Your Funeral Guy Exclusive|Is New Green Cremation Alkaline Hydrlolysis|Safe?”

  1. cycledlife June 1, 2010 at 3:35 pm #

    The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) of the EU were on the whole very incompetent. They supported the idea that incineration (134 degrees C) was suitable methods, even when evidence pointed to the contrary. They know that the most difficult to destroy pathogens (other than prions) are completely inactivated or destroyed at less than 1 minute including Clostridium thermosaccharolyticum, which is the most heat resistant spore known to man (requires 129 degrees C for 1 minute to kill). It was clear that they were not interested in seeing water & alkali dispositions prevail in Europe.

    The conditions for the prion destruction must be specified; in our case, at least a 1.5 to 1 water to tissue ratio, and sufficient hydroxide to complete the hydrolysis process and sufficient agitation to clear the skull of neural matter early in the process (all things that CycledLife addresses in our low temperature system).

    Our largest recoverable protein fragment was substantially smaller than any prion known. There will never be a successful recovery of any prion from a water & alkali disposition system from CycledLife,

  2. yourfuneralguy June 6, 2010 at 7:17 am #


    Thank you for your comments on the destruction of prions in your cycledlife machine.

    Your Funeral Guy

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