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28 May

There has been an obituary explosion the “Art Linkletter Death. As soon as the News was put about Art Linkletter’s passing , there was an explosion of News reports and obituaries around the world.

Americans and the world desire more innocence. Terrorist attacks, wars, economic meltdowns, and a President stirring up strife on Immigration make a  memory of a time of innocence with “Kids say the Darndest things” big news.

There is yet to be public information about the Art Linkletter Funeral.

Obituary pages love nothing more than mourning that favorite American archetype: the “example of a more innocent time” in our history. That’s how Time’s James Poniewozik remembers Art Linkletter. “A television pioneer who made millions of people laugh by getting kids to say the darndest things,” according to the New York Daily News, Linkletter turned his mid-century stint as what the Associated Press calls “a genial but gently mischievous television personality” into a fortune thanks to investments in hula hoops, oil wells, and a charm school, among other things. In his late years, he was best known as a motivational speaker who encouraged seniors to embrace life.


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