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Actor Gary Coleman Dies|Funeral to come|YourFuneralGuy

28 May

Actor Gary Coleman has died,  hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage and in a coma he died at age 42 in Utah. There are no Funeral Arrangements public  at this time. Known for his acting on the Television series  “Different Strokes” He  was a television celebrity.

Actor Gary Coleman died Friday at the age of 42. The “Diff’rent Strokes” star had suffered a brain hemorrhage and died in a Utah hospital.

While the actor hadn’t landed a blockbuster role since childhood, fans have already begun outpouring support on Internet forums and on sites like Twitter.


Twitter is increasingly being used for memorials.

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Simon Monjack Funeral 5/27, Grave next to Brittany Murphy|YourFuneralGuy

28 May 091228223028resized_brittany_murphy

The eccentric husband of Actress Brittany Murphy was laid to rest in a Jewish Ceremony next to his actress wife. This burial took place at Forest lawn Memorial Park in the Los Angeles  area. Movie Star  Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack have Graves Next to each other. Funeral services were Thursday, 5/27 2010

About 75 friends and family members gathered in Los Angeles Thursday to bid farewell to Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack, who died Sunday.

The private orthodox Jewish service, presided over by Rabbi David Baron, took place in the Chapel of the Hills, the same memorial chapel where Murphy was eulogized in December after her death. Monjack was then buried next to his late wife at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.


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Citigroup Fined 1.5 Million In Funeral Preneed Trust Case|YourFuneralGuy

28 May iStock_000004382065XSmall

Citigroup was fined 1.5 million in a Funeral Preneed Trust Case. The branch of Citigroup Fined was Citigroup Global Markets. The case  involves  the jailed Clayton Smart, and the Citigroup Broker Mark Singer, Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis and Michigan.

This case involved preneed cemetery trusts.


Penalties of $1.5 million have been levied against Citigroup for supervisory violations related to its handling of millions of dollars in trust funds belonging to Forest Hill cemeteries in Memphis and Michigan.

The penalties — including a $750,000 fine and forfeiture of $750,000 in commissions — were imposed Wednesday by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority against Citigroup Global Markets Inc., whose broker is accused of theft and money laundering here.

The commissions will be returned to the cemetery trusts as partial restitution.

“Firms have a duty to protect customer funds by taking prompt and meaningful action when they encounter indications of possible fraud or misappropriation,” said FINRA official James S. Shorris in Washington. “That duty is particularly critical when firms handle trust funds where the beneficiaries may be unsophisticated investors who are unaware of how the funds are being handled.”


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Obituary Explosion about “Art Linkletter”-YourFuneralGuy

28 May mayHILLhouseparty

There has been an obituary explosion the “Art Linkletter Death. As soon as the News was put about Art Linkletter’s passing , there was an explosion of News reports and obituaries around the world.

Americans and the world desire more innocence. Terrorist attacks, wars, economic meltdowns, and a President stirring up strife on Immigration make a  memory of a time of innocence with “Kids say the Darndest things” big news.

There is yet to be public information about the Art Linkletter Funeral.

Obituary pages love nothing more than mourning that favorite American archetype: the “example of a more innocent time” in our history. That’s how Time’s James Poniewozik remembers Art Linkletter. “A television pioneer who made millions of people laugh by getting kids to say the darndest things,” according to the New York Daily News, Linkletter turned his mid-century stint as what the Associated Press calls “a genial but gently mischievous television personality” into a fortune thanks to investments in hula hoops, oil wells, and a charm school, among other things. In his late years, he was best known as a motivational speaker who encouraged seniors to embrace life.


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