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26 May

Do you want to have a green funeral?some are going to their local city cemetery simply asking them  to make it happen. Many times in life we simply do not  receive what we want want simply because we do not ask.

It may be true in death as well, in regards to green burial.  At last it has happened in Ashland, Oregon.

Residents who want to bury loved ones in an environmentally sensitive way in Ashland no longer have to place the casket or shroud inside a concrete or metal liner or vault.

The Ashland City Council voted on Tuesday to allow such “green” burials in city cemeteries.

Previously, the Ashland Municipal Code required the use of liners or vaults to prevent settling of the ground at the grave site. City staff members who manage city cemeteries said they expect some settling to occur with green burials, but that the problem isn’t anything they can’t handle.

The city of Ashland made the change because it has been receiving requests from residents that green burials be allowed, said Ashland Public Works Director Mike Faught.

“It’s a step forward for those folks who want a natural burial, without having to have a concrete vault,”


So if you want a green burial assert yourself. In Ashland Oregon they Have Put Wilbert Vault on Notice.

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