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23 May

A recent episode of the Law and Order TV Show(May 17th, 2010) featured cremation. Tt is probably the most expensive cremation option-turning a loved ones ashes, into Diamonds. This option will not bring you in under the average cost of a funeral and WILL ADD TO YOUR FUNERAL COST. The cost of turning cremated remains from a cremation into diamonds

In the May 17 episode of the NBC series “Law & Order,” a widow is questioned at a mortuary where she is planning services for her recently deceased second husband when a detective suggests an Old Testament passage for a graveside reading.

“David isn’t going to be buried,” the widow tells the detectives. “He’s going to be cremated like my first husband. Here.”

She then shows the two detectives a diamond ring on her hand.

“Your first husband gave you that ring?” one of the cops asks.

No, this is him,” the widow says. “Larry. There’s a company… They take cremated remains and they make it into artificial diamonds.”

Martin, though, said he does not yet see a mass rush to this kind of celebration of life.

“It’s pretty rare because it’s expensive,” he said. “But for those who want something completely unique, it is one of the options. With the company we use… the cost begins at about $4,200. That’s for one diamond.”


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I havve received no word yet  whether  remains from a bio cremation or alkaline hydrolysis can be turned into a diamond ring.

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