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23 May

There is a now a specific Digital death etiquette, a sort of formula that is ” best use” must use to indicate that someone has died.Sending an E-Mail That “John Doe  Died” is simply too harsh.

It is best to put “Sad News” in the Subject line when someone dies.

From the Chicago Tribune:

I’ve gotten enough by now, though, to know that “sad news” is a formula for delivering a very specific kind of news that nobody enjoys.

The words don’t signal divorce, or disease, or the loss of a job, no matter how sad any of those might be.

Sad news” in a subject line almost always means one thing: Someone died.


Digital Death and Digital Dying is becoming more and more an issue in our culture. With the rise of Social Media and the Facebook Memorial, there is greater use of online memorial sites both free and paid.

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This post was made to continue the conversation  started on Digital Death Day, May 20th 2010.


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