Report on Digital Death Day by Your Funeral Guy

22 May

Digital Death Day was May 20th 2010

Here is a brief Your Funeral Guy Report on Digital Death Day. Digital Death Day was part of a larger internet conference in California. Digital Death Day was to Bring forward the conversation on what happens to  “Your Digital Assets when you die?”.

Folks who spend most of their life on line, owners of websites and many facebook users are concerned with this. There is no clear cut internet guidelines on this one. Facebook has a memorialization procedure in place for a  person who dies and has recently changed their policy to let facebook pages be memorialized indefinitely. (“Dead Facebook Society?”)Recent Privacy concerns about Facebook has called some to question facebook memorialization and security.

Your Funeral Guy has been blogging on this issue  for quite some time and is known as an expert.

Snippet from the Jewish

And there’s an expert available who can help families create a Facebook obituary. R. Brian Burkhardt is “Your Funeral Guy” and his website describes the steps toward creating a Facebook Memorial.


Data Security on the Internet is a continuous problem. This year your funeral guy experience an attack on one of his blogs from a terrorist group in the Middle East.

Google makes it pretty hard for relatives to access a Dead relatives E-Mail. My Space Twitter, Linked in and  others all take a different approach to this issue.

On 20 May 2010 an event known as “Digital Death Day” brought together the businesses of social networking, data management and death care.

One of its organisers, Jennifer Holmes, says: “We have reached a critical mass of personal data online.”

She is referring to the billions of pages held by Facebook and other social networking sites, as well as blogs, online gaming sites… basically anything into which we put data… data which, in most cases, remains after we die.

So what should happen to it?

“There’s no standard practice across the industry yet. There are no norms for how digital assets are passed on to heirs,” says Kaliya Hamlin, another of Digital Death Day’s organisers.via

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