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19 May


There is a recent news story about Whistleblowers Claim Bodies ‘Mutilated’ at Local Morgue. the story comes from Seattle, Washington.

Insiders from the funeral industry and the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office say some bodies are being mutilated during autopsies.

An investigative report by KOMO news of Seattle Washington reveals a former high-level manager at the morgue saying assistants and trainees were often doing complex procedures that should be performed by a pathologist. As a result, arteries and blood vessels were often mangled causing major difficulties for embalmers. “When you can’t embalm the face properly then the face doesn’t look lifelike,” he said.

Funeral home sources tell KOMO that compensating for this type of damage takes so much time that families are being charged $3,000 to $5,000 dollars extra for the effort. And it’s a cost they have no idea they’re paying.

Funeral homes insist they’ve complained repeatedly but to date, no formal investigation has been launched by the Snohomish County council. Interestingly, since the KOMO report, several county officials have begun demanding action, calling for an outside, independent inquiry into the allegations.

Posted by Karen Jones, author of DEATH FOR BEGINNERS Your No-Nonsense, Money-Saving Guide to Planning for the Inevitable

via www.komonews.com

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