Human Remains leaking in Airliner Cargo Hold|Your Funeral Guy

19 May

There is a local story of human remains leaking in  a Cargo Hold of A Southwest Airlines Jet Cargo Hold.  Funeral News often does not get reported and stories that are reported (like this one)do not make into the National News.

The offending party(Shipper of Human Remains) is not even named in the story. Now the funeral industry leaders often accuse the press of reporting on a few bad apples making their profession look bad. The opposite is true. The press(media) rarely reports on the many bad apple funeral directors.

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines is apologizing to some of it’s customers after an incident involving their bags and human remains.

Baggage handlers in Albuquerque, New Mexico were unloading the cargo bin of Flight 477 from Houston Thursday afternoon when they discovered blood had leaked from inside a shipping container with human remains.

In a statement Friday, the airline admits blood did get on some of the passenger luggage, but says it was a small amount of bags and that the passengers have ‘been compensated for the damage’ of their bags.


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