Batesville Casket Co. sponsoring Lunch for Corrupt Funeral Directors?|Your Funeral Guy

16 May

The Illinois Funeral Directors Association has appeared to survive to their next  convention in June  2010. The  Convention Brochure gives mention of the IFDA Preneed Trust new Trustee Fiduciary Partners.but not the ponzi scheme lawsuit.There is no mention  in their brochure of the status of the Trust, the lawsuits and the situation with regulators.

Batesville Casket Company seemingly does not care about the corruption charges, pending and the questionable dealings at the IFDA for it is sponsoring the lunch at  the  IFDA convention. Batesville continues to throw money at dying funeral entities like the Illinois Funeral Directors Association to keep itself in business.

In the Illinois Funeral Directors Association scandal over 40 million was lost before the Wall Street Crash of September 2008. The figure on monies lost is now 100 million dollars. Loans to board members were made out of the Good folks of Illinois  Funeral Money(IFDA Pre Need Trust) over the years.

Again at this convention the questionable  former IFDA president and former head of the Museum of Funeral Customs, NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association)treasurer Randal l Earl will be honored at the convention.

Time will tell but it does appear that the Illinois Funeral Directors Association good old boy network may have survived the IFDA Preneed Trust Scam.

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Source: IFDA


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