Your Funeral Guy Exclusive:Service Corporation International Trial Underway

14 May

There is a trial taking  place in LA  concerning the Eden Memorial Park Cemetery Scandal.  It is a hearing for a preliminary injunction against the cemetery. At this California Cemetery it has been reported that over 500 graves were desecrated. This scandal was first revealed in September 2009.

The trial dates are May 13th and May 14th 2010. Your Funeral Guy has confirmed that the trial is taking place.

Up to 500 Graves desecrated here

This scandal, involving the Service Corporation International, (NYSE:SCI) Facility at Eden Memorial Park in California along with the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal outside of Chicago led to Congressman Bobby Rush introducing the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act of 2009 in the US House of Representatives. The Bill HR 3655 is under consideration in the US Congress.

Eagan O’Malley & Avenatti LLP (“EOA”) is the law firm handling the class action Lawsuit.

The depositions completed thus far in this case have unfortunately confirmed our worst fears.  The evidence indicates there has been a pervasive practice of grave disturbances and desecrations at Eden Memorial Park Cemetery spanning an approximate 30 year time period.  A number of groundskeepers and supervisors have admitted under oath they routinely damaged and broke burial vaults containing human remains, sometimes as much as two to three times per week.  These groundskeepers and supervisors have further admitted that many times this would cause human remains, including bones, to spill out of the broken burial vaults.  According to the sworn testimony, the groundskeepers were often instructed by the cemetery to discard any remaining bones, pieces of burial shrouds or broken casket remnants in the cemetery dump located at the northern most section of the cemetery.

Because the practice was pervasive, the cemetery did not keep records of which burial vaults were broken.  Moreover, because the vaults are buried under ground, it is impossible to visually identify, from above the ground, which graves were disturbed.  There are, however, non-invasive procedures available to allow family members to identify broken vaults without disturbing the decedent’s grave and we are consulting with experts about the possible use of these procedures.

At our request, the Court has scheduled a preliminary injunction hearing or “mini-trial,” on May 13 and 14, 2010


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