Thomas Lynch Assaults Bio-Cremation|YourFuneralGuy

7 May

Thomas Lynch, The Funeral Industry Guru and Poet has issued an assault on Green Cremation or Bio Cremation.The Process is also known as Resomation and Waterless Resolution.

The process has much better carbon footprint than traditional cremation.

However, Thomas Lynch, funeral director at Milford, Michigan’s Lynch & Sons, and the author of a book of poems and short stories called Apparition and Late Fictions, doesn’t predict a spike in requests for bio-cremation anytime soon.

“There are significant expenses involved,” Lynch tells Minyanville. “There’s a big difference between a traditional $250 cremation and a $1000 ‘green’ cremation. Alkaline hydrolysis will separate the environmentally conscious from the environmentally passionate.”


What shocks me here is that Lynch knows The traditional cremation is not $250.00. You will not even find a low cost funeral provider at that price.

Lynch also knows that Bio Cremation, green cremation  is less far less expensive than the Traditional Funeral.

Lynch’s latest book Apparition and Late Fictions, is an attempt to keep Traditional Cremation under the Control of the Traditional Funeral Home, according to the upcoming Your Funeral Guy Book Review.

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