A Your Funeral Guy Exclusive:New Bio Cremation Machine

7 May

Breaking News-New Bio Cremation Machine Available

Breaking news-A new Water Resolution Bio, Cremation Machine will be revealed Tuesday at The Minnesota Funeral Directors Assoaiation(MFDA) Convention In St. Cloud, Minnesota. The Machine costs much less than The  Bio Cremation Machines now being put in Funeral Homes in Tennessee and Florida.

The machine debuts May 11th 2010.

Until recently there only have been 2 companies BioSAFE and Matthews International that are providing these type of  machines.

But now there is new company CycledLife that has put out a new Bio Cremation, or Water Resolution Machine.

This became news in a comment on this blog

“As cremation and burial harm the living, clearly, water and alkali disposition is the single best option for the final disposition of human remains. The problem with this technology has been the high capital cost for high-pressure systems. CycledLife, http://www.CycledLife, will be unveiling a low-temperature system at the MFDA’s convention held in St. Cloud from May 11-12, 2010. The system is being offered for $128,000 – a lot less than the old high temperature systems. At this low capital cost for a water and alkali system, crematories will soon be dead.”

There is more information on this machine here:

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