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6 May

An interesting point about the economic downturn is that people have paid more attention to their pets. On the Funeral Side- Pet Cremations and Pet Cemeteries have gained some popularity.You spend the money to have a pet buried in a Pet Cemetery, You Go to visit the grave and you find your beloved pet not there. Did you do something wrong? In this case the cemetery bills did not get paid.

In a Westchester New York Case:

Grieving pet owners at a Westchester animal cemetery found their beloved dog’s grave empty.

Now a judge has sided with the cemetery. CBS 2 HD learned more on how these “grave judgments” are made all the time.

“Dodo” was a dog; a mixed breed treasure who’s cemetery bills didn’t get paid. The owners are Chinese immigrants who moved to New Jersey, but said they didn’t get the bills for annual upkeep. It ended badly.

Pet cemetery president Edward Martin said workers literally dug up the dog.

via wcbstv.com

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